Sound Transit Impacts to Streetcar Operations

Did you know that Sound Transit’s West Seattle to Ballard Link Extensions Project may threaten the operations of the current and future Seattle Streetcar system?

Seattle Streetcar Coalition Commends Mayor for Moving the Center City Connector
Project Forward

As an alliance of local businesses, community groups and nonprofits, the Seattle Streetcar Coalition supports Mayor Durkan’s efforts to build the Center City Connector, a vital piece of infrastructure for the city.

How did we get here?
A look back at Seattle’s Center City Connector and streetcar history

From 1884 to present day, learn about the history of streetcars in Seattle and progress with the modern streetcar lines.
(The Seattle Times)


Turning down federal money for the streetcar could endanger federal funding for other regional transit projects.


Center City streetcar line would complete badly needed transit link

The final link of the downtown streetcar already has huge demand. Killing it would be a devastating mistake.
(The Seattle Times)

5 Questions About the
Streetcar Halt

With the mayor’s office suspending work on the Center City Connector, what is the impact on federal funding? Is this a pause or cancellation? Where does the money go?
(Seattle Transit Blog)

Future of the Center City Connector streetcar

A review ordered by the mayor’s office predicted a high cost—but a major boost to streetcar ridership.

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